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4848 Reactor Controller

4848 Reactor Controller Ordering Guide

A composite identification number to be used when ordering a 4848 Reactor Controller can be developed by combining individual symbols from the separate sections.
Example: A 4848 Reactor Controller, 115V electrical, with Tachometer Display Module, Solenoid Valve Module, RS-485 to USB Cable, and SpecView Package would be listed as: No. 4848-EB-TDM-SVM-A1925E4-A3504HC

ABase Model
PID,Ramp & soak digital communications with motor speed control and software
Model No. Description
4848 Reactor Controller for use with up to three additional display modules
4848B Reactor Controller for use with up to six additional display modules
4848M Master Controller
4848A Reactor Controller for AC Motors
BElectrical Supply
-EB 115 VAC
-EE 230 VAC
-TDM Tachometer Display Module
-MCM Tachometer with Motor Control Module
-PDM Pressure Display Module
-HTM High Temperature Cut Off Module
-ETLM External Temperature Limit Module
-MTM* Motor Torque Module*
-SVM Solenoid Valve Module (for Cooling Control)
-AUX 0-5 VDC, 4-20 MA (4848B Only)
-A1925E4 RS-485 to USB Cable for 4848 Controller (required for data logging)
-A1925E6 RS-485 to USB Converter, isolated, 30-ft
-A2208E** RS-485 Daisy Chain for Multiple Controllers
-A3504HC SpecView Software Package
 * The MTM module must be installed in conjunction with the MCM.
** Must be used with A1925E6.


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