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Five Reactor Parallel System

Five Reactor Parallel System

Five Reactor Parallel System

This Parallel Reactor System incorporates five 160 mL, 4560 Series Stirred Mini Reactors rated for use at 350 °C and 3000 psig / 200 bar. Each of the reactors has a dedicated high pressure (5000 psig / 345 bar) 100 mL general purpose vessel associated with it serving as a reactant gas feed reservoir. These feed vessels are located above and immediately behind the main reactors and are each equipped with a dedicated pressure transducer, thermocouple and a constant pressure regulator. The regulator maintains the downstream reactor at a constant pressure while the pressure transducer/thermocouple combination allows the process controller to accurately monitor and record the real-time consumption of reactant gas.

This system would normally be used to study various aspects of hydrogenation or carbonylation reactions. The 4871 Process Controller also controls and records the reactor temperature, stirring speed and monitors the reaction pressure. The compact reactor system stand incorporates not only reactant gas feed and vent/ purge manifolds but cooling water feed and drain manifolds to simplify the installation and hook up.

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