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Series 2500 Micro Batch System


Series 2500 Micro Batch System Specifications
Model Number
Sizes, mL 5 10
No. of Reaction Vessels 3
Maximum Pressure 3000 psi (200 bar)
Maximum Temperature
   with FKM O-ring 225 °C
   with FFKM O-ring 275 °C
   with PTFE Flat Gasket 300 °C
   with O-ring Screw Cap
   with Flat Gasket Screw Cap (6 Compression Bolts)
Material of Construction T316SS
Controller Model 4848MBS
   Analog Inputs 4 Temperature (3 vessels, 1 heater block)
3 Pressure
1 Motor Speed
   Analog Outputs 1 Stirrer Speed
   Digital Outputs 1 PID Temperature Control
   Temperature Measurement 3 Thermowells
Heater Style Aluminum Block
   Heater Power Watts 900W Total
   Block Mounted Thermocouple Included
Stirrer Motor Type Manual or Computer Controlled
   Stirrer Style PTFE- or Pyrex-encapsulated Magnetic Stirrer Bars
Electrical Supply, single phase
   Volts, AC 115 or 230
   Maximum Load, amps 12.5/6.5
Vessel Dimensions
   Inside Diameter, inches 0.62 0.80
   Inside Depth, inches 1.06 1.22
   Weight of Vessel, pounds 3 (w/ Panel-mounted valves)
Dimensions Width, in. Depth, in. Height, in. Weight, lb.
   Overall 10 10 22 41
   4848MBS Controller 14 11 10 14
Other options available. See Ordering Guide or call for more information.


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