Series 5000 Multiple Reactor System Ordering Guide

Series 5000 Ordering Guide

The Order No. for the Base System is: 5000(45)-T-SS-115-P-MV-2000-MB-CC

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Please note that all options and combinations are not compatible with all models.

ABase Model
Model No.Size
500045 or 75 mL
BGasket / Maximum Temperature
-OVFKM O-ring, 225 °C
-OKFFKM O-ring, 300 °C
-TPTFE Flat Gasket, 300 °C
CVessel Material of Construction
-SST316 Stainless Steel
-MOAlloy 400
-INAlloy 600
-HBAlloy B-2/B-3
-HCAlloy C-276
-CSAlloy 20
-TI2Titanium Grade 2
-TI4Titanium Grade 4
-ZR702Zirconium Grade 702
-ZR705Zirconium Grade 705
See Materials of Construction for other available alloys.
DElectrical Supply
-115115 VAC
-230230 VAC
-No SymbolType J (standard)
-KType K
FValve Mounting
-HHead Mount with Peak Tubing
-PRemote Panel Mount with PTFE Lined SS Hoses
GInlet Valve
-ACAutomatic Check Valve
-MVManual Valve
HTransducer Range
-10000-1000 psi
-20000-2000 psi
-30000-3000 psi
IStirrer Type
-MBMagnetic Bar Stirrer, PTFE
-GBMagnetic Bar Stirrer, Glass
JStirring Control
-CCComputer Controlled
-RPMDigital RPM Display
-No SymbolNo Certification
-ASMEASME Certification
-PEDPED Certification
-CHChina Certification
-PParr Certification
LOptions (List All Desired)
-SVDip Tube with Sampling Valve*
-CFCold Finger*
-MPGManifold Pressure Gage
-FMHFlexible SS Hoses
-E-TCExternal Thermocouple
-R-TCRedundant Thermocouple
-RCSReactor Cooling Support
* Dip Tubes and Cold Fingers cannot be installed at the same time.
MOther Available Options
Glass Liner
PTFE Liner
NSpare Parts Kit
-5009Spare Parts Kit for 5000 Series

 Please note that all options and combinations are not compatible with all models.

Multi-Reactor System - 5500 Series Parr also designs and builds a wide range of multiple reactor systems with overhead magnetic drive stirrers. These have been based upon our Series 4590 Micro Reactors, Series 4560 Mini Reactors, and our Series 5500 High Pressure Compact Reactors. Contact our Customer Service Department for details and proposals for custom systems.

If you do not find the pressure, temperature, volume, or options you are looking for here, let us customize a system for you.