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Series 4703-4714 General Purpose Pressure Vessels, 22-45 mL

Series 4703-4714 Pressure Vessel Specifications
Shaded bar indicates specifications that change within series.
Model Number 4703 4704 4713 4714
Sizes, mL 22 45
Maximum Pressure (MAWP) 1700 psi (115 bar)
Maximum Temperature 300 °C 300 °C
Closure Screw Cap-Steel
Gasket Flat – PTFE
Vessel Dimensions
Inside Diameter, inches 1.0
Inside Depth, inches 1.6 3.8
Weight of Vessel, pounds 1 2
Head Style
Opening* 1/8″ NPT w/plug “A” Socket 1/8″ NPT w/plug “A” Socket
Thermowell Not Available
Heater Not Available
Maximum Head Openings 1
Recommended Gage Block NA 4316 NA 4316
Recommended Wrench 21AC4
Recommended Bench Socket A22AC3
*Note: Alternative heads with 1/4″ NPT or Rupture Disc Assembly are available upon request.
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