Series 4570 HP/HT Reactors, 250-1800 mL Ordering Guide

Series 4570 Ordering Guide

The System Identification No. for the Base System is: 457__-FG-HD-SS-230-VS.__-5000-4848

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Please note that all options and combinations are not compatible with all models.

ABase Model
Model No.SizeVessel Style
45711000 mLMoveable Head, Moveable Cart
45721800 mLMoveable Head, Moveable Cart
45771000 mLFixed Head, Floor Stand
45781800 mLFixed Head, Floor Stand
4575B500 mLMoveable Head, Bench Top
4576B250 mLMoveable Head, Bench Top
4575A500 mLFixed Head, Bench Top
4576A250 mLFixed Head, Bench Top
BGasket / Maximum Temperature
-TPTFE Flat Gasket, 350 °C
-FGFlexible Graphite Flat Gasket, 500 °C
C Vessel Material of Construction
-SST316 Stainless Steel
-MOAlloy 400*
-INAlloy 600
-HBAlloy B-2*/B-3*
-HCAlloy C-276
-CSAlloy 20*
-TI2Titanium Grade 2*
-TI4Titanium Grade 4*
-ZR702Zirconium Grade 702*
-ZR705Zirconium Grade 705*
See Materials of Construction for other available alloys.
*Maximum temperature and/or pressure limited.
DMagnetic Stirrer Drive
-MGeneral Purpose, 16 in-lb
-HDHeavy Duty, 60 in-lb*
-XHDExtra Heavy Duty, 120 in-lb*
-FMD1Footless, General Purpose, 16 in-lb
-FMD2Footless, Heavy Duty, 60 in-lb*
-FMD3Footless, Extra Heavy Duty, 120 in-lb*
 * Not available on 4575 – 76 (250 mL & 500 mL)
EMagnetic Stirrer Drive Material of Construction
-SST316 Stainless Steel
-MOAlloy 400*
-INAlloy 600
-HBAlloy B-2/B-3*
-HCAlloy C-276
-CSAlloy 20*
-TI2Titanium Grade 2*
-TI4Titanium Grade 4*
-ZR702Zirconium Grade 702*
-ZR705Zirconium Grade 705*
* Maximum temperature limited.
FElectrical Supply
-115115 VAC (4575-4576 Only)
-230230 VAC
GMotor Option
-VS .12Variable Speed, 1/8 hp (4575-4576 Only)
-VS .25Variable Speed, 1/4 hp
-VS .50*Variable Speed, 1/2 hp
-XP .25Explosion Proof Variable Speed, 1/4 hp
-XP .50*Explosion Proof Variable Speed, 1/2 hp
-AM .25Air Motor, 1/4 hp (4575-4576 Only)
-AM .50*Air Motor, 1/2 hp
-GDDGeared Direct Drive (Fixed Head Unit Only)
* For use with Heavy Duty (HD) Magnetic Stirrer Drive.
Only available on 230V systems.
HPressure Gage
-50005000 psi / 345 bar
-30003000 psi / 207 bar
-20002000 psi / 138 bar
-10001000 psi / 69 bar
IBottom Drain Valve
-No SymbolNo Bottom Drain Valve
-BDVBottom Drain Valve (Not available on 250 mL or Bench Top Systems.)
-4848 (included in base system)PID Control, Ramp & Soak Programming, Motor Speed Control, and Data logging with Software. For use with up to three additional display slots.
-4848BSame as above but for use with up to six additional display slots.
-A2110EMotor Controller
-4871Process Controller (for enhanced control options)
View a complete list of Controllers and options.
K4848 Controller Options
-TDMTachometer Display Module
-MCMMotor Control Module w/Tachometer
-PDMPressure Display Module
-HTMHigh Temperature Cut Off Module
-ETLMExternal Temperature Limit Module
-MTMMotor Torque Module (Must be installed in conjunction with the MCM)
-SVMSolenoid Valve Module (For cooling control)
-A1925E4RS-485 to USB Cable for 4848 Controller (Required for data logging)
-A1925E6RS-485 to USB Converter, isolated, 30-ft
-A2208ERS-485 Daisy Chain for Multiple Controllers (Must be used with A1925E6)
-A3504HCSpecView Software Package for 4838/4848 Controller
LCustom Options (List All Desired)
-ASAnchor Stirrer
-PSPaddle Stirrer
-SASpiral Stirrer
-GEGas Entrainment Stirrer
-BFRemovable Baffle Set
-SBStatic Catalyst Basket
-DBDynamic Catalyst Basket
-CADInternal Catalyst Addition Device
-XCADExternal Catalyst Addition Device
-SCPSolids Charging Port (Ball Valve)
-RCReflux Condenser
-RTCReflux/Take-Off Condenser
-WJWelded Jacket
View a complete list of Optional Accessories.
-No SymbolNo Certification
-ASMEASME Documentation
-CECE Documentation
-PParr Certification
NSpare Parts Kit
-4579MSpare Parts Kit for 4570 Series
-4589MSpare Parts Kit for 4580 Series

Please note that all options and combinations are not compatible with all models.

If you do not find the pressure, temperature, volume, or options you are looking for here, let us customize a system for you.