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Series 4580 HT Reactors, 3750-5500 mL


Series 4580 Pressure Reactor System Specifications
Shaded bar indicates specifications that change within series.
Model No. – Moveable Vessel 4581 4582
Model No. – Fixed Head 4583 4584
Reactor Mounting Cart / Floor Stand
Sizes, mL 3750 5500
Maximum Pressure, MAWP 3000 psi (200 bar)
Maximum Temperature
with FG Flat Gasket 500 °C
Vessel Details
Closure (Cap Screws) Split Ring (16 Compression Bolts
for Flat Gasket)
Valves Mounted Head
Valve Connections 1/4″ NPT Female
Magnetic Stirrer, Model No. A1180HC
Maximum Torque 60 Inch-Pounds
Impeller(s), 6-Blade (4-blade) 2 (3.5″ dia.)
Pressure Gage, Size 4.5 inches
Range 0-3000 psi (200 bar)
Temperature Measurement Thermowell
Cooling Coil Included
Style Serpentine
Bottom Drain Valve A177VB
Heater Style Ceramic: Moveable
Calrod: Fixed Head
Heater Power, Watts 2800
Stirrer Motor, Variable Speed 1/2 hp
Electrical Supply
Volts, AC 230
Maximum Load, amps, 115 / 230 15
Vessel Dimensions
Inside Diameter, inches 5.5
Inside Depth, inches 9.7 15
Weight of Moveable Vessel, pounds 100 130
Weight of Fixed Vessel, pounds 120 160
Reactor Dimensions
Moveable Width x Depth x Height, in. Cart: 35 x 18 x 50
Fixed Width x Depth x Height, in. Floor Stand: 20 x 33 x 75
Moveable Weight w/Controller, pounds 325 355
Fixed Weight w/Controller, pounds 345 375
Spare Parts Kit 4589B

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