Liquid metering pumps are commonly used to introduce liquids into a reactor or vessel at elevated pressures on a continuous basis. A wide variety of pumps are available to meet various pressure, flow, and control requirements. The pumps listed here cover some of the more common pressure and flow requirements associated with Parr reactors and pressure vessels. The pumps described under these catalog numbers include an inlet filter, a reverse-flow check valve and the outlet tubing to the reactor. Special pumps can be furnished to meet requirements outside the range of these pumps.

Liquid Metering Pumps
Part No. Flow Rate, mL/min Pressure, Max. psi Wetted Material Remote Control 0-10 VDC
A2286HC 0.01-10 2500 PEEK No
A2287HC 0.01-10 5000 Stainless No
A2288HC 0.04-40 1500 Stainless No
A2289HC 0.01-10 5000 Stainless Yes
A2290HC 0.04-40 1500 Stainless Yes


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