Fluidized Bed Reactors Specifications

The reactor system pictured on this page includes the following key components:

  • A gas handling and mixing sub-system used to blend and regulate the flow of reactant gas to the bottom of the reactor.
  • The reactor is roughly one meter long with a 2.5 cm ID. The lower portion of the reactor incorporates an easily replaced porous metal gas diffusion plate and the top of the reactor widens abruptly to form a disengaging zone for the fluidized bed.
  • Separate heaters are provided for both the main reactor and disengaging zone. A multipoint thermocouple is provided for monitoring the internal reactor temperature distribution.
  • A heated cyclone separator or filter is provided immediately downstream of the reactor to capture the fines resulting from particle attrition.
  • The reaction products are then cooled by a condenser and collected in a 600 mL product receiver.
  • The system pressure is maintained by an automated, dome-loaded back pressure regulator.
  • All system functions and parameters are monitored and maintained by a Parr 4871 Process Controller (not shown).