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Parr’s complete line of catalogs are available here as downloadable PDF files. Click on any of the links below to access the PDF.  Please be patient, these are large files and may take some time to load or save.


Calorimeter Catalogs
1341MB Model 1341 Plain Jacket Calorimeter Sales Literature
2811MB Pellet Press Sales Literature
3100MB Volatile Matter Crucibles Sales Literature
3422MB Tris Calorimetric Test Substance Sales Literature
6000MB Series 6000 Oxygen Bomb Calorimeters Catalog
6050MB Model 6050 Continuously Compensated Calorimeter
6700MB Series Solution & Semimicro Calorimeters Sales Literature
6750MB Proximate Interface Sales Literature

Pressure Equipment Catalogs
2500MB Series 2500 Micro Batch System
4500MB Chapter 1 Stirred Reactors and Pressure Vessels Design Features
4500MB Chapter 2 Stirred Reactors
4500MB Chapter 3 Multiple Reactors
4500MB Chapter 4 Tubular Reactors
4500MB Chapter 5 Specialty and Custom Reactor Systems
4500MB Chapter 6 Controllers
4500MB Chapter 7 Optional Fittings
4500MB Chapter 8 Non-Stirred Vessels
4500MB Stirred Reactors and Pressure Vessels Catalog
4878MB Model 4878 Automated Liquid Sampler
5400MB Series 5400 Tubular Reactor Sales Literature
CS10MB Fluidized Bed Reactors Sales Literature
CS15MB Bio-Fuel & Alternative Fuels Research Systems Sales Literature
CS20MB Gas-to-Oil (G-T-O) System Sales Literature
CS30MB Apparatus for Corrosion Studies Sales Literature
CS35MB Disbonding Apparatus for ASTM G146 Sales Literature
CS45MB Slurries and Suspensions Agitator

Sample Preparation Catalogs
4635MB Series 4635 Cell Disruption Vessels Sales Literature
4700MB Sample Preparation Vessels Sales Literature

Controller Catalogs
4848MB 4848 Reactor Controller Sales Literature

Shaker Hydrogenation Apparatus Catalogs
3900MB Shaker Type Hydrogenation Apparatus Sales Literature