ACS Spring 2022

Join us at ACS Spring 2022 virtually and in-person!
San Diego, CA | March 20-24 

Featuring Parr's new 50 L & 100 L Stirred Reactors & Continuous Flow Tubular Reactors!

New 50 L & 100 L Stirred Reactors

Ideally suited for scale up or pilot work, the geometry, features, and operation are very similar to that of smaller Parr reactors, but with a volume intermediate between lab-scale and traditional production scale stirred reactors.

New Continuous Flow Tubular Reactors

Parr's new Continuous Flow Tubular Reactor with Touchscreen Control was designed with researchers in mind. This system offers a compact footprint, easy set-up, and integrated touchscreen control with alarm interlocks. Applications include production, research, and teaching unit operations.

Contact us to learn more about these new reactor systems!