Custom Parr Reactors – Lab Scale to Mini Pilot

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November 5-7, 2023 | Orlando, Florida | Booth 143

High Pressure, High Temperature Reactors and Systems: Batch, CSTR, & Flow

Laboratory to Mini Pilot Scale: 5 mL to 100 L

Available features include:

  • Optional gas & liquid feeds and product handling systems
  • High temperature (500 °C+) and high pressure (5000 psi+) options
  • Single reactors or multiple reactors configured in series, parallel, or any combination
  • Low-cost manual control to fully automated process control systems
  • Specialty probe/sensor integration

Potential applications include:

  • Catalyst development, screening, & characterization
  • Polymerization, depolymerization, CO2 integration, and recycling of plastics
  • Pharmaceutical R&D and production
  • Corrosion & electrochemical studies
  • Geological research & hydrometallurgical extraction
  • And any other process whose chemistry requires elevated temperature or pressure

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