Belgian Ambassador Visits Parr Instrument Company

Gilles Philippart de Foy, left, Patrick Van Nevel,  Dirk Wouters, Jim Nelson, and Piet Morisse, stop to examine a Parr calorimeter during a tour of the company’s manufacturing facilities.

Jim Nelson, President and Chief Operating Officer of Parr Instrument Company recently met with Dirk Wouters, Belgium’s ambassador to the United States, Patrick Van Nevel, Honorary Consulate for the Kingdom of Belgium in Moline, Gilles Philippart de Foy, Trade Commissioner for Wallonia, and Piet Morisse, Investment and Trade Commissioner for Flanders Investment and Trade during Ambassador Wouters’ recent visit to Moline, Illinois.

The Belgium delegation visited Parr  as part of the Ambassador’s tour of the Midwest. Ambassador Wouters is interested in promoting commerce between Belgium and United States companies as well as Belgium investments in the U.S. and U.S. investments in Belgium by connecting companies that may have synergies for doing business. Moline, Illinois has a long history of Belgium immigration and strong population of Belgium people and traditions in the community.

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