New Parr Custom Calorimeters

Introducing the 1109X High Strength Semimicro Oxygen Combustion Vessel

Parr is a distinctive calorimeter producer in the market. It is well known that a large portion of Parr’s business is custom built reactor systems. However, few know that Parr builds custom calorimeters for special tasks as well.

Custom Calorimeters
1109X High Strength Semimicro Oxygen Combustion Vessel

Features Include:

  • A high strength combustion micro-vessel 1109X with the corresponding bucket, for use in a 6200 Calorimeter.
  • Optimized for applications where samples have a small energy release but generate high dynamic pressure during the combustion.
  • This special version of the Parr 6200 Calorimeter and 1109X Vessel performs with better than 1% precision for energy releases as low as 1 kJ



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