Parr Introduces New Machined Stirrers

For difficult, highly viscous substances

Machined Stirrer


Parr’s line of excellent stirrers has been expanded to include a new robust spiral stirrer, machined from a solid bar of stainless steel or any other material in which Parr reactors are offered.

This one piece spiral design is specifically tailored to handle difficult, highly viscous substances such as heavy oils, polymers, and even slurries with significant solids content.

Features Include:

  • The new machined stirrers can be customized for reactors with flat or tapered base geometries, with both upflow and downflow blade options available.
  • Curved scoop design along the bottom blades to help lift heavier materials from the bottom of the cylinder.
  • No second set of blade required due to the new solid, single unit design.

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