Parr Introduces New A1000G Tri-Axial Core Holder

For studies involving fluid displacement in porous media

Parr Instrument Company has introduced a new product to its line of world-leading instruments. The new Model A1000G Tri-Axial Core Holder is designed to be used in the testing of geologic core samples or other similar cylindrical samples for porosity, permeability, and related characteristics.

Features include:

  • Operating pressures to 7500 psig (500 bar) and temperatures up to 200 C.
  • Provision for simultaneously subjecting a core sample to axial and radial pressures of unequal magnitude.
  • Supporting core diameters of nominally one inch (2.5 cm) and lengths up to four inches (10 cm). Other variations are available.
  • 316 Stainless Steel wetted parts or other commercially available corrosion resistant materials.

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