Parr Introduces New A2000G High Pressure Electrolyzer Cell

For electrochemical research involving carbon dioxide and water reduction.

A2000G Electrolyzer Assembly
A2000G Electrolyzer Assembly

Over the past decade, increasing interest has been directed towards utilizing carbon dioxide in generating liquid fuels and chemicals as a means to a sustainable, carbon-neutral based economy. The production of either carbon monoxide (CO) or synthesis gas (syngas), a combination of CO and H2, electrochemically from CO2 and H2O is an attractive option combining sustainable energy utilization and carbon recycling.

The new Parr A2000G High Pressure Electrolyzer Cell provides a unique and reliable hardware platform with many options for facilitating research in this area. The electrolyzer cell has a maximum working pressure of 10 MPa (1450 psi) at 200 °C. It is designed for quick assembly and reassembly. The flow-thru electrolyzer cell adopts a unique circular planar design for the titanium cathode flow field and the corresponding 316 Stainless Steel anode flow field. Other materials of construction are available.

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