SpecView 3 Software Update for Parr 4848 & 4838 Controllers

The Parr 4848 Reactor Controller and 4838 Temperature Controller software has recently been updated with SpecView version 3 (SV3). This powerful software package has been updated with an improved interface and is packed with features.

Parr has offered SpecView version 2.5 for use with our 4848 and 4838 controllers for nearly a decade – it remains our best software package with superior data logging and well-designed user interface on a flexible user-customizable platform.

SV3 includes a streamlined installation process, addition of a ramp/soak screen, stop/run buttons, and a dedicated button for data file management. The new ramp and soak interface simplifies temperature programmability and offers a more transparent data logging scheme.

The software advancements made in SV3 will make control and data logging of your reactions even easier.

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