Hydrometallurgical Applications: Acid and Caustic Leaching of Ores

Parr stirred reactors are widely used in hydrometallurgical applications where acid leaching of ores is the preferred method to extract metal ions. A widespread example of this technology is the acid leaching of nickel ions from laterite ores, a first step in the path to the production of stainless steel.
To minimize vessel corrosion by the aggressive sulfuric and hydrochloric acids used in this process, vessels are most commonly constructed of titanium.
However, not all extractions are done with acids. Aluminum, for example, is extracted from bauxite ores with the use of caustic solutions where the preferred material of construction for the vessel is Inconel or Monel.
To learn more about the use of Parr pressure vessels for acid or caustic leaching of metallic ores, please see
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