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Catalyst Loading Toolkit for Tubular Reactors

Catalyst Loading Toolkit for 5401 Tubular Reactor
Catalyst Loading Toolkit

Loading or removing a fixed bed (aka packed bed) of bulk solids such as powdered catalyst deep inside a long narrow tubular reactor at a precise repeatable depth can be challenging. Parr has created the Catalyst Loading Toolkit to facilitate loading of catalyst in the annulus of our tubular reactors and easily adjust the location and length of the catalyst packing.
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Reaction Calorimetry Capability Added to Parr Reactors

Parr 4540, 1.2 L Reactor, with H2 and liquid feeds, equipped for Power Compensation CalorimetryParr has integrated the principles and practice of reaction calorimetry into our reactor systems.

Reaction calorimetry is often used for studying chemical reaction rates and the thermal properties of systems. In chemical processing industries, this technique is used for understanding and mitigating hazards from the scale-up of reactions developed in the lab to industrial-scale reactors. As a reaction is scaled from lab to plant, scalability problems may emerge for various reasons. Issues are often attributable to a lack of understanding of the process chemistry, the inability to remove heat or changes in mixing performance during scale-up. Reaction calorimetry provides this additional level of process understanding.

The principal output from experiments performed in a reaction calorimeter is the heat production rate associated with the processes occurring inside the reactor. The heat production profile becomes the basis for the determination of a number of important operational parameters.

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Parr Custom Stirrers & Internals

Spiral Stirrer with Double Helix
Spiral Stirrer with Double Helix

Parr reactors and pressure vessels have been used in many industries for a wide variety of applications over our 120 year history. Parr has learned over the years that user requirements are always changing and we pride ourselves on building reactors and pressure vessels to fit each user’s needs. To meet this demand, Parr has become proficient at designing and manufacturing custom components.

ParrEd Episode 2: 1108 Oxygen Combustion Vessel 500 Firing Maintenance

The second video in our new ParrEd educational video series has been released! In the episode, Parr's Dr. Andrei Yermalayeu teaches how to perform the 500 Firings Maintenance for the 1108 Oxygen Combustion Vessel.

Find the new video on our ParrEd Playlist.

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SpecView 3 Software Update for Parr 4848 & 4838 Controllers

The Parr 4848 Reactor Controller and 4838 Temperature Controller software has recently been updated with SpecView version 3 (SV3). This powerful software package has been updated with an improved interface and is packed with features.

Parr has offered SpecView version 2.5 for use with our 4848 and 4838 controllers for nearly a decade – it remains our best software package with superior data logging and well-designed user interface on a flexible user-customizable platform.

SV3 includes a streamlined installation process, addition of a ramp/soak screen, stop/run buttons, and a dedicated button for data file management. The new ramp and soak interface simplifies temperature programmability and offers a more transparent data logging scheme.

The software advancements made in SV3 will make control and data logging of your reactions even easier.

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Parr Continuous Tubular Reactor Systems

Down-flow 5402 Tubular Reactor System with 20 mL volume, automated shutoff valves to safely shutdown in case of alarm/interlock, two gas feeds, one purge line, one liquid feed, and automated back pressure regulator. Automatically alternates between high pressure liquid collection and draining, with one of two heated gas/liquid separators collecting while the other drains.

Parr tubular reactor systems are used in a wide variety of applications, most of which are continuous flow rather than batch or semi-batch. Learn about the applications, reactions, and features of our versatile Continuous Tubular Reactor Systems in this article by Parr’s Senior Product Manager, Steven T. Perry, Ph.D.

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Parr 4700 Vessels for Oven Use

Model 4700-22mL Vessel with rupture disc & valve
Parr’s Series 4700 small, lightweight, and inexpensive pressure vessels are often heated in laboratory ovens. Parr has created a new head design which incorporates a safety rupture disc and valve to allow pressurization of the vessel prior to heating. Learn more.

New Educational Video Series: ParrEd

We are happy to announce the launch of ParrEd! This is Parr's new educational video series which will feature videos on how to use & service Parr equipment, discuss historical & special use cases, as well as answer frequently asked questions.

In the first video of this series, Dr. Andrei Yermalayeu teaches how to perform the 500 Firings Maintenance for a 6400 Calorimeter. Find the videos on our ParrEd Playlist.

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Large Volume Stirred Reactor Systems

Parr's new 50 L & 100 L high pressure stirred reactors are ideally suited for scale up or pilot work. The geometry, features, and operation are very similar to that of smaller Parr reactors, but with a volume intermediate between lab-scale and traditional production scale stirred reactors. Custom options are available.

Manufacturing High Quality Pressure Vessels

Parr pressure vessels are manufactured in the USA in accordance with accepted codes and practices to ensure safe and high quality products. Machining pressure vessel cylinders from solid billets of raw material results in smooth vessels without seams or welds, eliminating potential sources of weakness or localized corrosion. Watch our latest video to see some of the craftsmanship that goes into building a Parr vessel.

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