Custom Designed Reactors

Parr Pressure Reactor Systems can efficiently and cost effectively be designed and built to meet your unique requirements.

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Parr Custom Reactor Systems

Custom Multiple Reactor System

Combinatorial Chemistry & High-Throughput Screening

From fully customized multi-reactor systems, to the stand-alone, self contained MRS 5000 designed specifically for combinatorial chemistry at elevated temperatures and pressures, Parr’s multiple-reactor systems can run in batch, in sequence, or in any combination for high-throughput experimentation.

Custom Horizonal-Vertical Reactor in Horizontal Position

Horizontal Reactors

Stirring biomass is not easy to do in a vertical reactor. A line of reactors has been developed by Parr Instrument Company to function horizontally. Horizontal reactors enable researchers to mix bio feed stock and other cellulosic materials.

Series 5400 Tubular Reactor System

5400 Continuous Flow Tubular Reactors

Parr Custom Reactor Systems can efficiently and cost-effectively meet your research requirements and specifications for continuous flow tubular and stirred reactor applications.

Fluidized Bed Tubular Reactor

Fluidized Bed Reactors

Parr Fluidized Bed Reactors are used extensively in the chemical process industries. In these reactors, the solids bed or catalytic particles are supported by an up flow of gas. Advantages of this reactor include easy loading and removal of catalyst, a high conversion with large throughput, tight temperature control, no hot spots in the bed, uniform catalyst distribution, and longer catalyst life.

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For technical questions regarding an existing reactor, please provide the complete serial number etched on the head of the reactor and on the side or the bottom of the vessel cylinder.