Models 1121 & 1122 Large-Capacity Oxygen Vessel

1121 Large Capacity Oxygen Combustion Vessel
1121 Large Capacity Oxygen Vessel

1121 Large-Capacity Oxygen Vessel

This is an 1850 mL oxygen vessel developed for users who want to analyze slow-burning cellulosic materials using larger samples than can be treated in the 1108 Oxygen Vessel. It will accommodate samples weighing up to 10 grams using oxygen charging pressures up to 20 atm., but these limits vary and must be checked experimentally for each sample. The vessel will hold vacuum, making it particularly useful for determining trace amounts of tritium, carbon-14 or heavy metals in vegetable matter.

1122 Large-Capacity Oxygen Vessel

Same as 1121 except for the smaller capacity of 920 mL and samples up to 5 grams.



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