Biofuels and Alternative Fuels Research Systems

Custom Biofuels System
Custom Biofuels System

For over 115 years Parr Instrument Company has been supplying the research community with high pressure equipment of the highest quality. Over the years, the equipment we offer has changed in response to the most current needs. Today is no exception and we continue to listen to our customers and adapt our equipment accordingly.

Pictured to the right is a custom system, built to meet the requirements of a client wanting to convert small molecules from a bio-mass source into more highly valued products. This system included a PC-based control system for gas and liquid feeds, a jacketed catalytic reactor, as well as product separation and automated liquid sampling.

We have supplied complete fluidized-bed tubular reactor systems to customers wanting to investigate pyrolysis products in both inert and reactive atmospheres.

We have supplied many researchers with stirred reactors that can be operated in a vertical or horizontal orientation to facilitate high-solids reactions with grassy bio-mass materials.

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