Custom Designed Systems

Parr Instrument Company offers custom designed multi-reactor systems that can help you reduce costs by making your catalyst more efficient. The systems are described in full at the following links below.

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Parr Custom Reactor Systems​

Five Reactor Parallel System

Combinatorial Chemistry & High-Throughput Screening

From fully customized multi-reactor systems, to the stand-alone, self contained MRS 5000 designed specifically for combinatorial chemistry at elevated temperatures and pressures, Parr’s multiple-reactor systems can run in batch, in sequence, or in any combination for high-throughput experimentation.

 Automated Tubular System with 3-zone split-tube furnace

5400 Continuous Flow Tubular Reactors

Parr Custom Reactor Systems can efficiently and cost-effectively meet your research requirements and specifications for continuous flow tubular and stirred reactor applications.

 4544 HP 600mL

High Pressure Stirred Reactors

This series of bench top reactors is designed specifically for the user who needs a higher pressure than the standard general purpose line of reactors. These reactors offer working pressures to 5000 psi at temperatures to 350 °C. Parr also offers High Pressure/High Temperature Reactors at temperatures up to 500 °C.

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For technical questions regarding an existing reactor, please provide the complete serial number etched on the head of the reactor and on the side or the bottom of the vessel cylinder.