Live Parr Reactor Demos at ACS Fall Virtual Meeting

Join us at the ACS Fall 2020 Virtual Expo August 17-20 for live 30 minute demos daily at 9am & 12pm PDT.
ACS registration not required to attend Parr's demos. At the time of the demo, join here.

Lab Scale Reactors

A brief overview covering the breadth of Parr's standard lab scale reactor product line. Topics covered will include mounting styles, support stands, controllers, head fittings, and accessories.

New Pilot Scale Reactors

Learn about Parr's new 50 L & 100 L high pressure stirred reactors. The geometry, features, and operation are very similar to that of smaller Parr reactors, but with a volume intermediate between lab-scale and traditional production scale stirred reactors.

New Continuous Flow Tubular Reactors

We will walk through the features of Parr's new Tubular Reactor which offers a compact footprint, easy set-up, integrated touchscreen control with alarm interlocks. Applications include production, research, and teaching unit operations.

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