Parr Mini & Micro Stirred Reactor Systems

Series 4560 100-600 mL Mini Reactor Systems

Although they are called “Mini” reactors, these systems offer a range of sizes large enough to work with significant sample sizes, yet small enough to be handled with ease by all operators. Versatile and interchangeable, these vessels are made in both fixed head and moveable vessel styles in sizes from 100 – 600 mL. A high-temperature option can take these vessels from general purpose temperatures and pressures, to up to 500 °C (this option lowers the MAWP to 2000 psi, 138 bar).

Series 4590 25-100 mL Micro Reactor Systems

These are the smallest of all Parr Stirred Reactors. They will be a good choice for chemists working with very expensive materials or materials only available in small amounts. They will also appeal to users who wish to minimize the risks associated with hazardous materials or reactions by restricting the reactants or products to a minimum. Available in 25, 50, and 100 mL, these vessels can be configured with standard pressure and temperature capability, or with a high-pressure/high-temperature option that takes the vessels to 5000 psi (345 bar) and 500 °C.