Parr Parallel and Multi Reactor Systems

Parr has seen a recent increase in demand for both parallel and series multi reactor systems. Parallel systems have been requested for use in high-throughput screening, combinatorial chemistry, corrosion testing, and catalyst testing. Multiple reactors plumbed in series have typically been configured as CSTR’s used for conducting multiple reactions sequentially. With this demand, we have designed and manufactured multi reactor systems using our largest stirred reactors (four 20L), to our smallest (six 25mL), and many in between.
Our multi reactor systems are used by combinatorial chemists at pharmaceutical companies, catalyst development researchers at petroleum companies, material scientists at polymer producers, production engineers at energy storage and mining companies, and academic researchers pursuing widely varied research avenues.

We offer:

  • Stirred and tubular systems
  • Customized inputs, outputs, and metering
  • High temperature and high pressure options
  • Executable in series, parallel, or any combination
  • Fully automated process control

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For technical questions regarding an existing reactor, please provide the complete serial number etched on the head of the reactor and on the side or the bottom of the vessel cylinder.