Parr offers a full line of controllers to monitor, control, data log and archive various parameters.  The Model 4848 Reactor Controller is our general-purpose reactor controller. It can control temperature and stirring speed, and it can be equipped to monitor a redundant temperature and pressure. It can data log and be operated remotely from a PC.

The Model 4848B Reactor Controller is an expanded reactor controller. It has the same capabilities as the 4848 but with a larger chassis. The 4848B can accommodate up to six meters, plus the Primary Temperature Module.

The Model 4848T Reactor Controller is a touchscreen controller for use with a single reactor system. It has the same control capabilities as a fully-loaded 4848 with Motor Control Module, Pressure Display Module, and secondary temperature module, with touchscreen interface and VNC communication capability.

The Model 4838 Reactor Controller is offered to control the temperature in non-stirred pressure vessels.  It can be expanded to include an optional pressure or redundant temperature module.

The Model 4871 Process Controller is a full featured controller, which can handle either a single reactor with a wide variety of inputs and outputs or multiple reactors running independently.  It controls the entire process including gas and liquid flows through a PC interface custom tailored to the application.