4838 Reactor Controller Ordering Guide

Series 4838 Ordering Guide

A composite identification number to be used when ordering a 4838 Reactor Controller can be developed by combining individual symbols from the separate sections.

Example: A 4838 Reactor Controller, 115V electrical, with optional Pressure Display Module, and SpecView Software would be listed as:

No. 4838-EB-PDM-A3504HC-A1925E4

ABase Model
For Non-Stirred Vessels, PID, Ramp & soak, Digital Communications and software
Model No. Description
4838 Reactor Controller
BElectrical Supply
-EB 115 VAC
-EE 230 VAC
-PDM Pressure Display Module
-HTM High Temperature Cut Off Module
-ETLM External Temperature Limit Module
-A1925E4 RS-485 to USB Converter with 30-ft cable
-A1925E6 RS-485 to USB Converter, isolated, with 30-ft cable
-A3504HC SpecView Software Package for 4848 and 4838