4838 Reactor Controller SpecView

Parr 4848 Reactor Controller and sample screenshot from a PC running SpecView Software.

SpecView® for Parr 4848 & 4838 Controllers

For nearly a decade, Parr Instrument Company has used SpecView Software as the principal means to provide a flexible, customizable user interface for the 4871 Series Process Controllers. The unified Modbus communications architecture of the 4848 & 4838 Controller systems allows us to now bring the power and convenience of SpecView to the 4848 & 4838 Series Controller. A special arrangement with the developers of SpecView allows Parr to offer a unique version of SpecView with support for 4848 & 4838 Series instruments incorporating up to eight individual loop or limit controllers. This provides support for up to two fully populated 4848 Controllers or one 4848B Controller. Features and Benefits in comparison to the standard ParrComm software, this new SpecView build offers the following enhancements:

  • Improved real time plotting including multiple charts each with an unlimited number of pens
  • Enhanced data logging — including the ability to log any controller parameter, not just the process variable
  • Alarm and event logging
  • Superior alarm annunciation
  • The ability to easily customize the user interface to a given application
  • The user interface can be localized, for example to support a variety of languages.


SpecView läuft auf den folgenden Windows-Betriebssystemen:

  • Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, & 7; 32 bit & 64 bit

Beachten Sie, dass SpecView unter Windows 8 RT (wie auf einigen Microsoft Surface-Tablets angeboten) nicht funktioniert.

Parr empfiehlt mindestens:

  • Intel Core i5, 2.6 Ghz
  • 8GB RAM (am besten 16GB)
  • 1GB Festplattenspeiche
  • Zusätzlicher Speicherplatz für die Datenprotokollierung (variiert je nachdem, wie viele und wie oft Sie Daten protokollieren)
  • Anzeigeadapter, der mit 1024 x 768 Pixeln und mindestens 16-Bit-Farbe arbeiten kann (1920 x 1080 für 4871 erforderlich)
  • 2 USB-Anschlüsse
  • Ein kabelgebundener Ethernet-Anschluss (nur für Parr 4871 Controller)