4848 Reactor Controller

4848 Reactor Controller
4848 Reactor Controller shown with PTM, MCM, PDM, and HTM Modules installed.

The Parr 4848 Reactor Controller brings digital communications to all of the functions of these modular reactor controllers. The 4848 offers all of the features expected in a Parr general purpose reactor controller, namely:

  • PID programming with Auto-tuning capability for precise temperature control and minimum overshoot
  • Ramp and soak programming
  • Separate heating and cooling control loops
  • Optional Solenoid Valve Module for cooling control
  • Motor speed control
  • High or low power heater switch
  • Lockout relay and reset for over temperature protection
  • Optional expansion modules for tachometer, pressure, and high temperature alarm
    4848 back panel (115V model shown)
    4848 back panel (115V model shown)

With the 4848 Controller, all the expansion modules as well as the primary temperature control module are equipped with bidirectional digital communications [RS-485] that enable the user to not only log all current readings to a PC, but also to send set points, stirrer speeds, and alarm values from the PC to the 4848 Controller.


4848B Expanded Reactor Controller

4848B Reactor Controller with six panel meters
4848B Reactor Controller is a larger version of the 4848 with up to six expansion modules

The 4848B Expanded Reactor Controller is a larger version of the 4848 Reactor Controller.  It has the same Primary Temperature Control Module as the 4848, and can accommodate up to six expansion modules.  It will also communicate with the A3504HC SpecView software.

The 4848B is most useful when the process requires more modules than a single 4848 can handle.  A common application would be a stirred reactor which requires a pressure display showing internal pressure and the pressure of an external gas burette.  The 4848B has a chassis with enough space to handle both burettes and associated cables and other infrastructure.

The 4848B also has two optional Auxiliary modules.  These will read an analog signal, most commonly 4-20mA or 0-5VDC.  These can be fed into the chassis through a dedicated auxiliary input slot.

4848M Master Controller

The 4848M Master Controller is typically used with multi-zone heaters such as those used on our 4555 Series Stirred Reactors.  It will interface with one or more slave boxes, allowing a dedicated power supply to be used for each zone.

4848A Reactor Controller for AC Motors

The 4848A can be used with AC Motors.  DC motors are more or less ubiquitous in Parr equipment, but some specialty applications require AC motors.  The 4848A allows a tachometer display or motor control module to be used with an AC motor.