3916 Shaker Hydrogenation Apparatus Accessories

3916 Accessories

Extra Bottles and Accessories can be ordered under the following part numbers:

3916 Accessories
Part No. Description
66CA Reaction bottle, 500 mL
66CA2 Reaction bottle, 250 mL
66CA3 Reaction bottle, 500 mL, Fiberglassed
A122CA Tube with fittings, 500 mL
A122CA2 Tube with fittings, 250 mL
A103CA Water cooling jacket for 500 mL bottle
A159CA2PA Thermocouple assembly, 500 mL
A159CAPA Thermocouple assembly, 250 mL
A450EEB Heating mantle, 100 watt, 115V
A450EEE Heating mantle, 100 watt, 230V
4833EB Automatic Temperature Controller, 115V 50/60 Hz
4833EE Automatic Temperature Controller, 230V 50/60 Hz