Many Applications

The broad usefulness of this apparatus is best illustrated by the numerous references to it in chemical literature published during the past ninety years. Applications arise wherever low pressure catalytic reactions are used, as in the fields of teaching, research, product development and in the production of fine organic chemicals and pharmaceuticals. In addition, these reactors are frequently used in quantitative investigations to assay compounds containing hydrogen saturable double bonds and to test the activity of catalysts used in industrial processing.


No attempt is made here to list the hundreds of references to the Parr hydrogenator which have appeared in chemical literature since Dr. Roger Adams published his first paper describing an apparatus of this kind in 1922. More than five hundred literature references are cited in Augustine’s book on Catalytic Hydrogenation that is listed below. Additional references can be obtained from other books in this list. Among these, the books by Augustine, Freifelder and Rylander will be particularly helpful to those users who want additional information regarding hydrogenation techniques, catalysts and procedures for treating specific functional groups. The following references are therefore highly recommended:

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