Standard vs. Custom Multiple Reactor Systems

Parr Instrument Company designs and builds both standard and custom parallel & multiple reactor systems for use in many industrial and academic laboratories for any number of processes that require elevated temperature and pressure.

Existing Parr users may be familiar with our 5000 Multiple Reactor System (MRS), consisting of six 45 mL or 75 mL reactors. These systems are used for applications as diverse as catalyst screening and characterization, process optimization, and combinatorial medicinal chemistry. Due to multiple requests for smaller volume reactors, we have recently introduced our 2500 Micro Batch System (MBS), which includes three 5 mL or 10 mL reactors and can be used for similar processes as the MRS.

Parr also offers any of our stirred reactors in parallel or cascade arrangements, from 25 mL 4590 Micro Reactors to 18.75 L 4557 Floor Stand Reactors, in any quantity and configuration that one’s imagination and budget can support. Just a few of many examples:

  • We recently delivered a three reactor system of 300 mL 4560’s made of Alloy 400 which is being used by a hydropower company in North America to study phenomena in seawater surrounding their generation station.
  • A number of years ago, we constructed a cascade system for a European customer consisting of one 7.5 L SS reactor and five 18.75 L SS reactors with multiple gas and liquid feed systems, which is being used to produce an acid used in battery manufacturing.
  • A university-affiliated core facility is using their system of six 50 mL 4590’s made of Alloy C276, as well as an auto-sampling device, to attract researchers from around the country to perform a wide variety of experiments not possible at the visiting professors’ home universities.

The table below summarizes some key similarities and differences between the 5000 MRS, 2500 MBS, and Parallel & Multiple Reactor Systems. And, as always, if you don’t see a feature or option of interest, just ask, and it’s likely we’ll be able to help configure a system suitable for your needs.

2500 Micro Batch Reactor System with three 5 or 10 mL Vessels & 4848MBS Controller
2500 Micro Batch Reactor System
5000 Reactor System with six 75 mL Vessels & 4871 Controller
5000 Multiple Reactor System
Four Station Multiple Reactor
Four Station Multiple Reactor
Parallel & Multiple Reactor Systems
5000 Multiple Reactor System (MRS) 2500 Micro Batch System (MBS) Parallel & Multiple Reactor Systems*
Number of Reactors 6 3 Any, typically 2-16
Reactor Volume 45mL or 75mL 5mL or 10mL Any**
Control System 4871 (HC900)-based 4848MBS Typically 4871-based
Agitation Stir bar Stir bar Magnetic Drive
Individual Speed Control? N N Y
Alternate Agitator Geometries for High Viscosity, Slurries, etc.? N N Y (anchor, spiral, gas entrainment, etc.)
Gas supply manifold? Y Y Available
Cooling water and vent manifolds? N N Available
Individual Heater Control? Y N Y
Optional Internal Cooling? Y N Y
Optional Liquid Sampling? Y N Y
Optional Gas Burette? Y Y Y
Optional Mass Flow Controllers? Y Y Y
Optional Pressure Control? N N Y
Price $$$ $$ $$-$$$$

*Based on 4500 Series of Stirred Reactors, though 5400 Tubular Reactors can also be configured in parallel and/or cascade.

**Often 50mL, 100mL, 300mL, 450mL, 600mL, or 1000mL, but any volume within Parr’s product line is possible.