Design Features

Parr Design Features:

Materials of Construction

Pressure and Temperature Limits

Design Codes & Certifications

Split-Ring Closures

Gaskets & Seals

Mounting Styles

Model 4700-22 mL, with Rupture Disc.
Model 4700-22 mL, with “A” Socket opening with plug installed.

Head Design

Many of the non-stirred vessels offer a basic head with a 1/8″ NPT plug. These should be considered as only a starting point for custom built vessels as they do not include a safety relief device. Safety codes, good practice, and common sense dictate that a safety relief device should be installed on all vessels. The 1/8″ NPT plug is provided for the user to install their own safety relief device.
Users who take delivery of vessels without safety relief devices installed must take responsibility for installing adequate protective devices before the vessel is placed in service.