Gage Block Assemblies

4310-A and 4310-B Gage Block Assemblies
4310A and 4310B Gage Block Assemblies

Parr gage block assemblies combine the function of an:

  • Inlet / Outlet Valve
  • Pressure Gage
  • Safety Rupture Disc

into a compact assembly which can be attached to the head of any small vessel with limited head space using a connecting tube. There is a threaded socket in the block for a gas connection with a pressure hose or tubing using a type “A” coned pressure fitting. Coned fittings are also used on the thick-walled tube which connects the block to the pressure vessel. The valve in this assembly controls the gas flow into the vessel and the gage shows the pressure in the vessel when the valve is closed. A rupture disc with a burst rating matched to the gage is installed in the block. [See Coned Pressure Fittings]

For small vessels with a 1-inch I.D. that can only accommodate a single head port, we offer a version of the 4310A with a 1/16″ O.D. thermocouple.

Two Sizes
These gage block assemblies are made in two styles which differ only in the size of the pressure gage and the size of the tube connection to the pressure vessel. The smaller 4310A Gage Block Assembly is usually furnished with a 3-1/2 inch diameter pressure gage and includes a 3 inch long connecting tube with type “A” coned fitting. This assembly is normally installed on pressure vessels up to 600 mL.

The 4310B Gage Block Assembly has a 4-1/2 inch diameter gage and type “B” coned fitting on a 3-inch long connecting tube. This assembly is normally installed on vessels of 1000 mL and larger.

The gage block, connecting tube and pressure gage on all of these assemblies are normally made of type 316 Stainless Steel, but they can also be made of Alloy 400 on special order. Longer tubes can be furnished on special order.

Ordering Information
Part No. Description
4310A with Type ‘A’ Connector
4310B with Type ‘B’ Connector

Available Gages
Any of the gages shown in the table below can be installed on either gage block assemblies.

Gages for Parr Pressure Vessels
Pressure Range 4-1/2″ Diameter 3-1/2″ Diameter
psi bar Gage Number Gage Number
0-100 0-7 56HCPA 593HCP1AD
0-200 0-14 56HCPB 593HCP2AD
0-600 0-40 56HCPC 593HCP6AD
0-1000 0-69 56HCPD 593HCPD
0-2000 0-138 56HCPF 593HCPF
0-3000 0-207 56HCPG 593HCPG
0-5000 0-345 56HCPH 593HCP50AD
0-7500 0-517 56HCP75AD NA
0-10000 0-690 56HCPK NA
When ordering, specify the catalog number, pressure gage diamater, and range.