Series 4650 High Pressure/High Temperature Vessels, 250-1000 mL

4650 Series High Pressure and High Temperature Vessels are available in volumes of 250, 500, and 1000 mL. These vessels can obtain temperatures up to 600 °C and a maximum pressure of 6000 psi (413 bar). The maximum pressure at maximum temperature is 4200 psi (289 bar) at 600 °C. They come standard with a Split Ring Closure with 8 Compression bolts, and a VGR head design that includes Valve, Gage, Rupture Disc, and Thermowell. An additional valve with dip tube can be added.

The maximum allowable head openings are seven but this may be limited by the types of fittings required. These vessels are available as either a moveable or fixed head design.