Series 4675 General Purpose Vessels, 2.6 & 5 Gallon Specifications

Series 4675 Pressure Vessel Specifications
Shaded bar indicates specifications that change within series.
Model Number 4675
Approximate Volume, Gallons (Liters) 5 (18.75) 2.6 (10)
Maximum Pressure (MAWP) 1900 psi (131 bar)
Maximum Temperature
with FKM O-Ring 225 °C
with FFKM O-Ring 300 °C
with PTFE Flat Gasket 350 °C
with Flexible Graphite Flat Gasket 350 °C
Vessel Details
Mounting Style Moveable or Fixed Head
Closure Split-Ring with 12 Compression Bolts Split-Ring with 10 Compression Bolts
Head Opening Options One head opening (1/4″ NPT, 3/8″ NPT,  or rupture disc assembly port)
Ports for valve, gage, rupture disc, and thermowell with thermocouple (VGR)
Custom port option (Contact our technical sales department to discuss options)
Maximum Head Options 12 (Dependent on opening size, and required fittings)
Valve Connections 1/4″ NPT Female
Pressure Gage, Size 4.5″ Diameter
Range 0-2000 psi (138 bar)
Temperature Measurement Thermowell
Cooling Coil (optional) Serpentine
Bottom Drain Valve (BDV) (optional) 1″ NPT
Stand with Heater (optional)
Stand Styles Table Floor Stand with manual hoist (moveable head)
Floor Stand with Pneumatic Lift (fixed head)
Heater Options* Band Heater, 3-Zone
Ceramic, 3-Zone (moveable head)
Flexible Mantle Heater (low temperatures <200 °C)
Band Heater, 3-Zone
Flexible Mantle Heater (low temperatures <200 °C)
Heater Power Requirements Typical power requirements for Parr’s large, electrically heated pressure vessels are 40 Amp single phase or 3-Phase power sources. Users are advised to have a qualified electrician determine and install an appropriate mains power supply for the large pressure vessel system.
Large pressure vessel systems with lower electrical power requirements, such as low temperature applications are available for use with typical 20 amp 230 volt sources.
Contact Parr Technical Sales staff for assistance with electrical specifications.
Weight & Dimensions
Cylinder I.D. x Depth, inches 9.5 x 16.25 7.75 x 12.2
Moveable Vessel Assembly Weight, pounds** 335 194
Fixed Vessel Assembly Weight, pounds** 336 195
Cylinder Weight, pounds 157 97
**Vessel weight is based on a vessel with VGR head fittings. Vessel weight will vary based on head configuration choice and fitting options.

Other options available. See Ordering Guide or call for more information.