Series 4680 High Pressure/High Temp. Vessels, 1-1.8 Liters Heaters

Heaters for Series 4680 Vessels

Ceramic Fiber heaters are available for the Series 4680 moveable vessels. A support stand with heater and pneumatic lift is offered for the fixed head vessels.

The heaters furnished for non-stirred vessels are the same as those furnished for the stirred versions of the same size vessels. A full description of the different types of heaters is found in our Heater Options section. Automatic temperature controllers are available for most all Parr non-stirred vessels.

Custom heaters are also available for these vessels when it is necessary to meet explosion proof requirements, to accommodate installed windows or fittings, or to convert to a welded jacket for steam or oil heating.


Series 4680 Vessel Heater Specifications
Shaded bar indicates specifications that change within series.
Model Number4680(FH)*4681(FH)*4682(FH)*4683(FH)*
Sizes, mL10001800
Catalog Number
   For Moveable Head: Model / Wattage4931 / 23004932 / 2500
   For Fixed Head: Model / Wattage4981 / 23004982 / 2500
StyleCeramic Fiber
*Add the following suffixes to these model numbers to specify vessels with the described features:
FHFixed Head design

Ordering Guide

Heater Assembly on Moveable Cart
Part No.DescriptionVolumeVoltage
-4931EECeramic Fiber1000 mL2302300
-4932EECeramic Fiber1800 mL2302500
Fixed Head Support Stand with Heater and Pneumatic Lift
Part No.DescriptionVolumeVoltage
-4981EECeramic Fiber1000 mL2302300
-4982EECeramic Fiber1800 mL2302500