Parr 4700 Vessels for Oven Use

Parr offers heaters and temperature controllers for nearly all reactors and pressure vessels we manufacture, with one exception, the 23 mL and 45 mL 4700 series. These small, lightweight, and inexpensive pressure vessels are often heated in laboratory ovens, much like our acid digestion vessels, if working temperatures above ambient are required.

These vessels have typically been offered with an NPT port (usually for a needle valve) or rupture disc port in the top of the head. Recently, however, we’ve received a number of requests for a head configuration that incorporates both a rupture disc and valve, to allow pressurization of the vessel prior to heating, while retaining the safety rupture disc.

To meet this request, we’ve offered the two head configurations depicted below, both of which include a single Parr-manufactured fitting accommodating both valve and rupture disc. For an existing 4700 Vessel with a head with NPT port, the fitting can be preassembled with rupture disc (of the burst pressure of your choosing) and valve such that the assembly can be simply threaded into the port on the top of the head.

For working temperatures above those suitable for the PTFE packing in our standard needle valves, graphite packing is readily available upon request.

Oven Tray Accessory

For users with multiple vessels, Parr can also fabricate a sheet metal tray that supports each vessel to minimize tipping. The tray slides easily in and out of a typical laboratory oven.


These vessels can be used for a variety of applications, of course. Recent reports include:

  • Long term leaching studies of radioactive waste from a ceramic matrix at a University Geology Department
  • Fossilization experiments with RNA and mineral samples at a National History Museum

An interesting side note is that the vessels for both applications above are constructed of titanium, which prevents contamination of the experiments with materials found in stainless steels. Contact us to learn more about our Series 4700 Vessels for oven use.