Series 4740 High Pressure/High Temperature Pressure Vessels, 25-75 mL Specifications

Series 4740 Pressure Vessel Specifications
Shaded bar indicates specifications that change within series.
Model Number 4740
Approximate Volume, mL 25 75
Maximum Pressure (MAWP)
With Standard Screw Cap 8500 psi (586 bar) @ 350 °C
4100 psi (282 bar) @ 500 °C
1850 psi (127 bar) @ 538 °C
With Alloy C-276 Screw Cap 8500 psi (586 bar) @ 350 °C
8000 psi (551 bar) @ 500 °C
7900 psi (544 bar) @ 538 °C
Maximum Temperature
With PTFE Flat Gasket 350 °C
With Flexible Graphite Flat Gasket 500-538 °C
Vessel Details
Mounting Style Moveable
Closure Screw Cap (6 Compression Bolts)
Head Seal Flat Gasket
Head Opening Options One head opening (“A” socket, or rupture disc assembly port)
Custom port option (Contact our technical sales dept. to discuss options)
Maximum Head Openings 1
Temperature Measurement (optional) Thermocouple (in cylinder bottom or in optional gage block assembly)
Stand and Heater (optional)
Stand Type N/A Bench Top Stand with Heater
Heater Style N/A Ceramic Fiber
Heater Power, Watts N/A 700
Maximum Load, amps, 115V / 230V N/A 6 / 3
Weight & Dimensions
Cylinder I.D. x Depth, inches 1.0 x 1.7 1.0 x 5.6
Vessel Assembly Weight, pounds* 4 6
Cylinder Weight, pounds 1.4 3.2
*Vessel weight is based on a moveable head vessel with a plugged “A” socket. Vessel weight will vary based on head configuration and fitting options.

Other options available. See Ordering Guide or call for more information.