Series 4760 General Purpose Pressure Vessels, 100-600 mL RFQ

Series 4760 System Request for Quotation

An example order number for a vessel in this series is: 4760-100mL-T-SS-VGR-3000

Click on the selections below to develop a composite identification number which may be used to request a quote for a 4760 Series Pressure Vessel.

Please note that all options and combinations are not compatible with all models.

AVessel Rating
-No Symbol 3000 psi / 207 bar, 200 bar for CE/UKCA orders @ 350 °C
-HT 2000 psi / 138 bar @ 500 °C (300, 450, or 600 mL only)
BVessel Volume
-100mL 100 mL, 2.0″ ID
-160mL 160 mL, 2.5″ ID
-300mL 300 mL, 2.5″ ID
-450mL 450 mL, 2.5″ ID
-600mL 600 mL, 2.5″ ID
CHead Mounting Style
-No Symbol Moveable Head (Standard configuration)
-FH Fixed Head
DGasket / Maximum Temperature
-T PTFE Flat Gasket, 350 °C
-OV FKM O-ring, 225 °C
-OK FFKM O-ring, 300 °C
-FG Flexible Graphite Flat Gasket, 500 °C (HT option only)
E Material of Construction
-SS T316 Stainless Steel
-C20 Alloy 20*
-MO Alloy 400*
-IN600 Alloy 600
-IN625 Alloy 625
-HB Alloy B-2/B-3*
-HC Alloy C-276
-NI Nickel 200
-TI2 Titanium Grade 2*
-TI4 Titanium Grade 4*
-ZR702 Zirconium Grade 702*
-ZR705 Zirconium Grade 705*
See Materials of Construction for other available alloys.
*Not available for HT option.
FHead Configuration
-RD Rupture disc port with rupture disc assembly & disc
-1/8 One head opening, 1/8″ NPT port, plugged
-1/4 One head opening, 1/4″ NPT port, plugged
-A One head opening, “A” socket
-VGR Valve on gage adapter, pressure gage, rupture disc assembly, & thermocouple (includes thermowell for special alloys)
-NS Non-standard, custom head opening
GOptional Fittings & Custom Options (Check all needed)
-VD Single Valve on head with dip tube (VGR Required)
-DVD Double Valve Assembly on head with dip tube (VGR Required)
-CL Cooling Loop
-BDV Bottom Drain Valve
-4310A Gage Block Assembly (for head with “A” socket opening)
-CAD Internal Catalyst Addition Device
-XCAD External Catalyst Addition Device
-SCP Solids Charging Port (Ball Valve)
-RC Reflux Condenser
-RTC Reflux/Take-Off Condenser
-WJ Welded Jacket
HPressure Gage (VGR and Gage Block only)
-No Symbol None
-3000 3000 psi / 207 bar
-2000 2000 psi / 138 bar
-1000 1000 psi / 69 bar
-600 600 psi / 40 bar
-200 200 psi / 14 bar
-100 100 psi / 7 bar
I Stand and Heater Options
-No Symbol None
-NS Heater only, no stand (Temperatures up to 350 °C)
-BTS Bench top stand with heater
See Section “G” for Welded Jacket option
J Controller
-4838 PID Control, Ramp & Soak Programming, and Data logging with Parr Software. For use with up to one additional display module.
-4848 PID Control, Ramp & Soak Programming, and Data logging with Parr Software (RS-485 to USB cable not included). For use with up to three additional display modules.
View a complete list of Controllers and options.
KController Options (Check all needed)
-PDM Pressure Display Module
-HTM High Temperature Cut Off Module
-ETLM External Temperature Limit Module
-SVM Solenoid Valve Module (for cooling control)
-A1925E4 RS-485 to USB Cable for 4838/4848 Controller (required for data logging)
-A1925E6 RS-485 to USB Converter, isolated, 30-ft
-A2208E RS-485 Daisy Chain for Multiple Controllers (Must be used with A1925E6)
-A3504HC SpecView Software Package for 4838/4848 Controller
L Electrical Supply for Heater and/or Controller
-No Symbol  None
-115 115V
-230 230V
-No Symbol No Certification
-ASME ASME Documentation
-CE CE Documentation
-P Parr Certification

Please note that all options and combinations are not compatible with all models.

If you do not find the pressure, temperature, volume, or options you are looking for here, let us customize a system for you.