1341 Plain Jacket Bomb Calorimeter

1341 Plain Jacket Calorimeter

A Reliable Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter in a Plain Insulated Jacket for Occasional Calorific Tests

The 1341 Calorimeter is an improved version of a plain, static jacket, oxygen bomb calorimeter that has been made by Parr for more than eighty years. It is a reliable calorimeter that can be used for the same broad range of solid and liquid combustible samples as the 6000 Series. Its modest cost and simple design recommend it primarily for users whose work load does not justify the purchase of an automatic model. The calorimeter requires no permanent connections. It can be set up and ready to operate in a few minutes and, when not in use, can be disassembled easily and stores on a shelf.

Many Applications

The calorific value of any solid or liquid material that can be burned safely in an oxygen bomb can be determined in the 1341 Calorimeter. It is also an excellent instrument for teaching heat measurement techniques in a student laboratory since it provides all of the instrumentation needed for such tests, but with each element in the system reduced to fundamental forms. Although commonly called a ‘plain’ calorimeter because of its simple design, technically this is a static jacket instrument which operates at or near room temperature with no provision for controlling the jacket temperature. Compensation for any heat loss (or gain) during a test is made by applying a correction computed from heat leak measurements taken before and after each test. As a general rule, about 10 or 12 tests can be completed in an 8-hour day, whereas up to 55 tests can be run in the same period in a Parr automatic model.

Good Repeatability

Good repeatability can be obtained with the 1341 Calorimeter provided that the temperature rise and heat leak corrections are measured and applied carefully. Using the 6775 Digital Thermometer supplied with the instrument, standard deviations in a series of tests with a uniform sample such as benzoic acid should not exceed 0.3%. This repeatability can be reduced to 0.2% by using the Parr 6772 Calorimetric Thermometer.

Quality Construction

There has been no compromise with quality in selecting components for the moderately priced, 1341 Calorimeter. It is equipped with the same 1108 Oxygen Bomb furnished with Parr calorimeters for decades. An alternate 1108CL bomb with superior resistance to chlorine and halogen acids is available for tests involving waste materials and chlorinated solvents. The molded double wall jacket provides a simple yet effective insulating system that restricts heat flow between the calorimeter and its surroundings. Temperature readings are taken with a 6775 Digital Thermometer that has a working range of 10 to 40°C and a resolution of 0.001°C.

Model Number:

Tests Per Hour:

Operator Time Per Test:
25 Minutes

Precision Classification:
0.3% Class

Jacket Type:

Oxygen Fill:

Bucket Fill:

Bomb Wash:

Bomb Model Options:
1108, Alloy 20
1108CL, Alloy G30
1108P, Alloy 20,
Semi-permanent Wire
1108PCL, Alloy G30,
Semi-permanent Wire
1104(B), High Strength Bomb

Dimensions (cm):
21w x 21d x 29h

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