1341 Plain Jacket Bomb Calorimeter Accessories

Spare Parts

Model/Part No. Description
6775 Digital Thermometer
6775A Data Logging Dual Channel Digital Thermometer (optional upgrade)
6772 Calorimetric Thermometer
1349B Spare Parts Kit for 1341 Calorimeter
Other Available Accessories
*1108 Oxygen Combustion Vessel
1108CL Oxygen Combustion Vessel for Chlorine Service
*A391DD Oval Bucket
*2901 Ignition Unit
*1825 Oxygen Filling Connection for 1341
2811 Pellet Press with 1/2 in Punch & Die
* Included in Base

The 2901 Ignition Unit is offered to provide low voltage electrical current to fire the oxygen bomb. The 6772 Calorimetric Thermometer includes provisions for automatically firing the bomb under the control of the touch screen display.