6725 Semimicro Calorimeter

A Compact Bomb Calorimeter for Measuring the Calorific Value of Small Combustion Samples

The 6725 Semimicro Calorimeter is a compact and easily operated, static jacket, combustion calorimeter designed specifically for measuring the heat of combustion of small samples when only limited amounts of test material are available.

The need for semimicro operation frequently arises in marine biology and other ecological studies where sample sizes are limited, also for testing heat powders and pyrotechnic mixtures.

A 22 mL Oxygen Bomb

The 22 mL, 1109A Oxygen Bomb used in the semimicro calorimeter will handle samples ranging from 25 to 200 milligrams, liberating up to 1200 calories when burned in oxygen.

An Effective Thermal Jacket

Effective static thermal insulation is provided by using a silvered glass Dewar as the calorimeter vessel. This vacuum flask holds the 1109A Bomb in 450 grams of water. It is supported within a stainless steel air can from which it is easily removed for filling or cleaning.

Full Series 6000 Instrumentation

The 6725 Semimicro Calorimeter utilizes the 6772 Precision Calorimeter thermometer/controller which provides all of the temperature measurement, automation and data handling capabilities of the larger series 6000 Calorimeters described in the 6000MB Series 6000 Oxygen Bomb Calorimeters Catalog .

1109 Semi-micro Oxygen Combustion Bomb

1109A Semimicro Oxygen Bomb

This is a 22 mL bomb designed for use in the 6725 Semimicro Calorimeter and earlier series 1425 Calorimeters. It is intended for samples ranging from 25 to 200 milligrams, liberating up to 1200 calories. It is also used for heat powders that are self oxidizing and release less than 2400 calories per charge.


Model Number:

Tests Per Hour:

Operation Pre-test Time:
10 minutes

Calorimeter Type:

Bomb Type:

Balance Connection:

Bucket Type:
Dewar Flask

Temperature Resolution:
0.0001 °C

Maximum Sample Size:
1200 calories

0.4 percent RSD

Special Bombs:

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