Hydrothermal Synthesis

Many sample preparation techniques require an aqueous mixture to be heated above 100°C resulting in the system having an associated vapor pressure. Examples of this are nanoparticle and zeolite synthesis. Many of these methods also require either acid or alkaline conditions where stainless steel would be readily corroded. Parr Instrument Company manufactures a range of pressure vessels that completely encapsulate the sample within a PTFE environment. This PTFE cup and cover allows the pressure vessel to be manufactured out of the inexpensive material T316SS without the worry of corrosion or loss of sample. These vessels can be heated up to 250°C. This is usually achieved by placing the vessels in a standard laboratory oven.

The popular models for this type of work are shown in the table below.

Model No. Total
Volume (mL)
Maximum Liquid
Fill Volume (mL)
Internal Dimensions
(Diameter x Depth, cm)
4749A 10 7 2.64 x 2.03
4749 23 15 2.62 x 4.37
4744 45 29 2.64 x 9.50
4748 125 82 4.45 x 8.25
4748A 200 140 4.45 x 13.34

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For technical questions regarding an existing reactor, please provide the complete serial number etched on the head of the reactor and on the side or the bottom of the vessel cylinder.