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Parr offers a number of options and accessories for use with their Oxygen Vessels.

Combustion Capsules
43AS Stainless Steel Combustion CapsulesNon-volatile samples to be tested in Parr oxygen vessels are weighed and burned in shallow capsules measuring approximately 1″ diameter and 7/16″ deep. These are available in stainless steel, fused silica/quartz, and platinum alloyed with 3% rhodium.

Stainless steel capsules (43AS) are used for most applications. When combusting samples that contain metal particles such as aluminum or magnesium, the non-metallic fused silica/quartz 43A3 Capsule or fused quartz is required. When superior corrosion resistance is needed, the Platinum Rhodium 43A5 Capsule is required.

Combustion Capsules Ordering Guide
Part No. Description
43AS Combustion Capsule, Stainless Steel
43A3 Combustion Capsule, Fused Silica/Quartz
43A5 Combustion Capsule, Platinum – 3% Rhodium
43A6 Combustion Capsule, Platinum – 3% Rhodium w/flanged rim
169AC Combustion Capsule, Platinum, for the Parr 1109A and 1109X Vessel
208AC Combustion Capsule, lnconel, for the 1109A and 1109X Vessel
217A Heavy Combustion Capsule for 1104 Vessel
446A Combustion Cup, Stainless Steel, for 1121/1122 Vessel
Fuse Wire
45C10 Fuse WireParr 45C10 Fuse Wire is a 34 B&S gage, nickel-chromium resistance wire wound on a 10 cm card for ease in cutting a fuse to length. Platinum wire is sold by length as shown.

Fuse Wire Ordering Guide
Part No. Description
45C2 Fuse Wire, Platinum, 26 ga, priced per foot
45C3 Fuse Wire, Platinum 36 ga, 300 cm coil
45C10 Fuse Wire, Ni-alloy, 10-cm card, 500 pieces per card for oxygen vessels (3 cards/package)
Ignition Unit
2901 Ignition UnitThe 2901 Ignition Unit provides the proper electric current for firing a Parr oxygen vessel from a 115 or 230 volt line. Each carries a push switch, pilot light and output binding posts for connections to 7 or 10 cm vessel fuses. Connecting cords must be ordered separately.

Ignition Unit Ordering Guide
Part No. Description
2901EB Ignition Unit, 115v 50/60 Hz
2901EE Ignition Unit, 230v 50/60 Hz
A468E Ignition Cord, 3-ft., single cord with spade terminal one end, banana plug other end. Use with 1108 or 1121 Vessels. Package of two.
Oxygen Filling Connections
1825 Oxygen Filling ConnectionThese Oxygen Filling Connections provide all of the valves, gages and couplings needed for charging Parr Oxygen Vessels from a commercial oxygen tank under manual control. They are made in three styles that are identical except for the coupling on the vessel filling hose. All units fit a standard 1A oxygen tank having a CGA 540 outlet with a right handed thread. Two pressure gages are provided. The larger gage, graduated from 0 to 55 atmospheres, shows the pressure to which the vessel has been charged, while the smaller gage shows the available pressure in the supply tank. Gas flow to the vessel is controlled by a needle valve in the gage block. There is an automatic relief valve to prevent-over-charging during the filling operation.

Oxygen Filling Connections Ordering Guide
Part No. Description
1823 Oxygen Filling Connection with flat gasket coupling for use with 1104 Vessels
1824 Oxygen Filling Connection with snap coupling for use with 1109A and 1109X Vessels
1825 Oxygen Filling Connection with slip-on coupling for use with 1108 Vessels
1825A Oxygen Filling Connection with threaded connection for use with 1121/1122 Vessels
Quartz Liner for the 1108 Oxygen Vessel

For Determining Trace Elements in Combustible Samples

513A Quartz LinerTrace elements in coal, oil and other combustible samples are readily determined by AA or ICP spectroscopy following combustion in an oxygen vessel. However, trace amounts of heavy metals leached from the vessel walls and electrodes during combustion can cause problems. This can be avoided by using a platinum-lined vessel, but a platinum lining is expensive. As an alternate, Parr offers a quartz liner for the 1108 Vessel that does not provide the full protection of platinum, but is, nevertheless, an effective substitute. In this arrangement the burning sample comes in contact with only the quartz liner and platinum electrodes. Reprints of papers describing the successful use of an 1108 Vessel with quartz liner for trace analysis by AA spectroscopy are available from Parr.

The Quartz Liner for the 1108 Vessel consists of a quartz cup, 61mm diameter x 86 mm deep, with a 514A Flat Quartz Cover. Holes are provided in the cover for inserting platinum electrodes which support a fused silica sample cup and a short platinum fuse wire. All of the parts needed for adding this liner are provided in the Model 1912 Quartz Liner Conversion Set.

1912 Quartz Liner Conversion Set
Quantity Part No. Description
1 513A Quartz Liner
1 514A Quartz Cover
1 4AFB Platinum Straight Electrode
1 5AFB Platinum Loop Electrode
2 68AC Lock Nut, T316SS
1 45C3 Platinum Fuse Wire, 300 cm
4 43A3 Fused Silica/Quartz Combustion Capsule

Users who do not have an 1108 Vessel should order the 1911 Oxygen Vessel Apparatus which provides a vessel complete with a quartz liner and all accessories.

1912 Quartz Liner Ordering Guide
Part No. Description
1912 Conversion set for adding platinum electrodes and a quartz liner to an 1108 Oxygen Vessel