1901 Oxygen Vessel Apparatus

1901 Oxygen vessel Apparatus
1901 Oxygen vessel Apparatus

Complete Systems for Vessel Combustion Procedures

This is the convenient way to purchase an oxygen vessel with a full set of operating accessories. Although any of the components of this apparatus may be purchased separately, by purchasing a complete apparatus the user can be sure they will have all of the equipment needed for vessel combustion operations.

The 1901 Oxygen Vessel Apparatus with an 1108 vessel will handle most procedures. It consists of:
QuantityPart No.Description
11108Oxygen Combustion Vessel
1A387AWater Bath
11825Oxygen Filling Connection
12901Ignition Unit
2A468EIgnition Cords
1A38AVessel Head Support Stand
1421AVessel Lifter
643ASCombustion Capsules
345C10Cards of 10-cm Fuse Wire (5 m/card)
13601Package of 100 Gelatin Capsules
11909Spare Parts Kit
1206MInstruction Manual

Similar oxygen vessel apparatus with accessories listed above can be furnished with an 1108CL Vessel, with an 1108 Oxygen Vessel with platinum electrodes and a quartz liner, or with an 1121 Oxygen Vessel. Spare parts kits are also available.