Model 1109A & 1109X Semimicro Oxygen Combustion Bombs

1109A Assembled Combustion Bomb
1109A Assembled Combustion Vessel

1109A Semimicro Oxygen Combustion Vessel

The Parr 1109A Semimicro Oxygen Vessel is designed for small samples such as marine biology or ecological studies. It may also be used when sample size is limited. This 22 mL vessel is the smallest Parr Combustion Vessel. It will handle samples that range from 25 to 200 milligrams, liberating 52 to 1200 calories when burned in oxygen, using initial pressures up to 35 atmospheres. Outputs of up to 2400 calories can be accommodated as long as the sample is self-oxidiz­ing and reacted in an inert atmosphere where the reaction peak pressure does not exceed the maxi­mum working pressure (MWP) of the vessel.

1109X High Strength Semimicro Oxygen Combustion Vessel

The 1109X is similar in most aspects as the 1109A Vessel but has been specially strengthened to be suitable for testing energetic materials and it is optimized for the measurement of small energy releases.