4632 Pressure Extraction Vessel for ASTM D1676

Extractables of Film Insulated Magnet Wire by Refrigerants

This apparatus is used to test magnet wire used in hermetic applications. The test method determines the percentage of insulation on film insulated magnet wire that can be extracted by refrigerants or related solvents. The extractable material is functionally important since this material may be re-deposited in the capillary tubes of refrigeration systems. In this test, the specimen is subjected to extraction by a specified refrigerant. The extraction procedure is conducted for six hours in a pressurized vessel equipped with a 450 mL siphon cup. The 2 liter vessel is charged with 700 g of refrigerant. The temperature of the vessel and the flow rate of water through the condensing coil are adjusted to achieve a reflux rate of 15 to 25 cycles per hour. A sudden decrease in pressure is noted at the end of each cycle as the siphon cup empties. At the conclusion of the test, the refrigerant is evaporated and the mass of residue is determined.

This apparatus can also be employed in similar extraction processes under vapor-liquid equilibrium conditions utilizing the Soxhlet principal. This includes extracting material from plant or other biological materials.